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Cosmetic Dentist in Washington D.C., Dr. Kenneth Ingber

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Dr. Kenneth Ingber


Kenneth Ingber, DMD, is a board certified specialist in cosmetic dentistry, who treats patients in Washington, D.C.

He has been providing beautiful, life-like dental restorations since 1971, and has earned national recognition for his talents and superior techniques. Dr. Ingber’s attention to detail and aesthetically inclined approach even attracted the attention of a well-known Hollywood film director, who asked him to create cosmetic effects for an Oscar-winning actor, thus immortalizing Dr. Ingber’s work on the silver screen.

Let Dr. Ingber Transform Your Smile

A beautiful smile can convey a lot about you and your personality. If you are unhappy with the way your smile currently looks, contact us for a consultation. We offer a wide variety of solutions to remedy what bothers you about your teeth and accentuate what you like.

Cosmetic dentistry can accomplish the following:

  • Whiten dull or discolored teeth – teeth whitening treatment can break up teeth stains and create a brighter, more youthful looking smile; alternatively, veneers can be placed over teeth with stubborn stains that do not respond to whitening treatment
  • Straighten crooked teeth – Invisalign clear aligners can discreetly improve the spacing and alignment of crooked, crowded or otherwise misaligned teeth
  • Reinforce damaged or worn teeth – white fillings or crowns can help rebuild teeth affected by decay or damage and restore a natural form and appearance
  • Transform worn teeth – bonding, fillings or crowns can transform teeth that have worn down from grinding, clenching or an imbalanced bite
  • Lengthen or widen abnormally shaped teeth – veneers or dental bonding can be used to add length or width to abnormally shaped teeth for a more uniform-looking smile

With cosmetic dentistry, you can enjoy a smile that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. To learn more about the available treatment options, please schedule a consultation at Ingber Dental today. Dr. Ingber and our team will evaluate what you do not like about your smile and design a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Pioneering Implants Treatment in the U.S.

In addition to his extensive cosmetic dentistry background, Dr. Ingber is a pioneer in dental implant treatment, one of the most exciting developments in modern dentistry. Back in 1984, he was one of the first dentists in the United States to learn and master implant techniques. Because of his passion and clear clinical abilities, the world’s leading implant manufacturer asked Dr. Ingber to teach restorative dentists nationwide how to restore implants. Dr. Ingber was honored to share his expertise with other dentists, who are now able to permanently replace missing teeth with sophisticated implant technology.

Visit Ingber Dental Center in D.C.Dr. Kenneth Ingber Trusted Cosmetic Dentist Washington D.C.

Dr. Ingber leads a team of talented cosmetic dentistry professionals who have helped numerous patients enjoy healthier, more beautiful smiles. The entire Ingber Dental team treats patients with respect, compassion and attentiveness, and strives to deliver consistently outstanding results in a comfortable environment. If you would like to visit our cosmetic dental center in the D.C. area, schedule a consultation online today!

Our Patients’ Testimonials

View our patients’ testimonials and reviews about Dr. Ingber’s highly skilled dental work.

“Dr Ingber and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They were kind and attentive and I was seen straight away. While I went in for an emergency temporary crown on my front tooth, which came out perfectly, I plan to make him my regular dentist.”

– Heather H., Review