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High Quality Dental Crowns in Washington D.C. – Dr. Ingber

Dr. Ingber and his team are among the top dentists Washington D.C. has to offer. Well known for performing advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures, the team is committed to leading-edge comprehensive patient care and offers a wide range of treatments, including dental crowns in Washington D.C.

Dental crowns are natural-looking, tooth shaped caps that are placed over a patient’s tooth to restore its functionality, shape, size, strength and appearance. Dr. Ingber may utilize a dental crown to protect a weak and/or cracked tooth, to cover a severely worn down and/or discolored tooth, and to hold a dental bridge in place during a dental implant procedure.

To produce best aesthetic results and maximize the longevity of the crown, Dr. Ingber first evaluates the affected tooth and determines the best possible dental treatment. For patients who are experiencing extreme sensitivity and/or discomfort due to decay or infection, Dr. Ingber may
recommend a root canal procedure, which involves removing the nerve of the tooth. The tooth receiving the crown is then fitted and reshaped for the cap.

Next, Dr. Ingber takes an impression of the tooth, which allows him to sculpt a crown that fits and closely resembles each Washington D.C. dental crown patient’s natural tooth shape and color. Finally, Dr. Ingber creates a crown cap and places it over the natural tooth using cement or adhesive bonding. To produce a high-quality crown, Dr. Ingber uses the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing and durable materials available today.

The dental crown procedure is a complex treatment that requires the skills of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Dr. Ingber, who emphasizes cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants and porcelain veneers, is the best choice for Washington D.C. dental crowns patients who are looking to achieve remarkable aesthetic results.

To schedule a consultation and learn more about dental crowns in Washington D.C. with Dr. Kenneth Ingber, call (202) 331-7474 today.