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Giving New Life to Worn, Damaged Teeth

Teeth are strong but they are not indestructible. Over time, the teeth can chip, crack, develop decay or simply wear down. Sometimes these problems are minor and hardly noticeable, and sometimes they lead a person to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Dr. Kenneth Ingber, a top dentist serving Washington, D.C., and beyond, can help. He offers a wide range of modern cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques to revitalize worn or damaged teeth and create a more beautiful overall smile. Continue reading “Giving New Life to Worn, Damaged Teeth”

Am I Too Old for Braces?

Leading Washington, D.C. dentists Kenneth Ingber, Charles Porvaznik and Amrita Singh are some of the area’s foremost authorities on tooth straightening treatment. We believe everyone is entitled to straighter teeth and a more gorgeous smile. We are often asked by prospective candidates whether there are any age limits for braces — particularly whether a patient can be considered “too old” for braces. Read on for our answer. Continue reading “Am I Too Old for Braces?”